About Us

At ATD Research and Consultancy, the attention is in the detail. We care about the big issues facing society today; mental health, substance misuse, social care, offending, prison reform, rehabilitation, marginalisation and homelessness.

We don't just want to see the tip of the iceberg, we strive to see what lies beneath, to delve into the depths of the issue. We aren't afraid to get to the heart and our duty to you is to independently report what we see and hear.

Our role is to understand and immerse ourselves in the lives of those affected by these issues, through ethnography, observation and in-depth interviews in order to inform commissioning decisions and service design. Our passion is people. 




Our goal is to do better for marginalised, stigmatised individuals and that's what makes us good at our job. We genuinely want to affect change, demonstrate change and better outcomes for society, individuals and commissioners. We feel the people experiencing the services or issues in question are best placed to inform these discussions whether this is service users, stakeholders or front-line workers. 

We use this passion and our expertise in consulting those most affected by health, justice and social issues and translate our findings into pragmatic recommendations for service delivery, practice and policy. 


    The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail
    — Chris. R. Swindoll